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Family01.jpgIf you have children and you are planning to move, looking for an area with a good school system might be the place to start. With so many advances in the internet, profiling school systems has never been easier. There are multiple websites designed to make choosing your child's school easy and fun. 

The first step that your family needs to agree on is if you want your children to go to public or private school.

Next, you should review your child's strengths and weaknesses when it comes to learning. The right school for your child is the one that teaches in the way that most compliments your child's learning style. Are there specific sports or activities that your child likes? Does your child have any special needs that have to be addressed? Are you looking for schools with a different method of teaching, such as Montessori, schools with core curriculum, outdoor learning environments, etc.? 

Below are several links to these sites. I can also help you by giving you more information on your school of choice so that you can decide on what area is right for your child.

Great Schools School Report website.
Home Fair School Reports website.
School Data Direct website.

Top 10 Questions to Ask when Picking a School.
Education Planner-One Stop college planning site.
Montessori School info.
Preparing the school for your autistic child.

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